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July 28, 2010


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Trading foreign exchange is exciting and potentially very profitable, but there are also significant risk factors. It is crucially important that you fully understand the implications of margin trading and the particular pitfalls and opportunities that foreign exchange trading offers. On these pages, we offer you a brief introduction to the Forex markets as well as their participants and some strategies that you can apply. However, if you are ever in doubt about any aspect of a trade, you can always discuss the matter in-depth with one of our dealers. They are available 24 hours a day on the Saxo Bank online trading system, SaxoTrader.

The benchmark of its service is efficient execution, concise analysis and expertise – all achieved whilst maintaining an attractive and competitive cost structure. Today, Saxo Bank offers one of Europe’s premier all-round services for trading in derivative products and foreign exchange. We count amongst our employees numerous dealers and analysts, each of whom has many years experience and a wide and varied knowledge of the markets – gained both in our home countries and in international financial centres. When trading foreign exchange, futures and other derivative products, we offer 24-hour service, extensive daily analysis, individual access to our Research & Analysis department for specific queries, and immediate execution of trades through our international network of banks and brokers. All at a price considerably lower than that which most companies and private investors normally have access to.

The combination of our strong emphasis on customer service, our strategy and trading recommendations, our strategic and individual hedging programmes, along with the availability to our clients of the latest news and information builds a strong case for trading an individual account through Saxo Bank.

Terms of trading are agreed individually depending on the volume of your transactions, but are generally much lower in cost when compared to banks and brokers. Your margin deposit can be cash or government securities, bank guarantees etc. Large corporate or institutional clients may be offered trading facilities on the strength of their balance sheet. The minimum deposit accepted for an individual trading account depends on the account type. Trade confirmations and real-time account overview are built into SaxoTrader, while further account information can be produced in accordance with your specific requirements


Easy Forex


Become an owner of offshore shopping centres, industrial estates and office blocks with a secure long term investment independent of any single country or currency.

Earn hassle free net rental income and capital growth in hard currencies.

Your investment is liquid which means it can be converted into cash in 3 days.!


Share Investment Solutions

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Share Investment Solutions

Easy Forex

Euro Millions Live

Find The BEst Online Technology throughthis site ! where you can get from 9 insurance quotes in a few seconds, t reading the best and latest about Voip! have fun and enjoy ! the Power of online tech is here !!


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Compare car insurance quotes from South African insurance companies and insurance brokers.  Many people pay too much for their car insurance.  Our goal is to provide you with cheap car insurance quotations through comparative car insurance quotes available in South Africa.  Most people need car insurance, but over the years car insurance became very expensive in South Africa.  Compare quotes from insurance companies and select the one that best suite your needs and budget.

When purchasing a home or vehicle, you should consider car insurance, home insurance and life insurance from companies such as OUTsurance, Dial Direct and 1LifeDirect.

Bond Insurance provides a homeowner with the ability to maintain monthly home loan payments in the event of disability and illness.  The death benefit ensures that the loan is settled.

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Search Engine Optimisation | Traffic | Internet MArketingSearch Engine Optimisation – Traffic

Search Engine Optimisation

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<a href=”http://www.trafficfundi.com”> Search Engine Optimisation </a>

Simply put, unless someone knows the direct link to your site, the most likely way of finding it would be to enter a keyword search on an online search engine, such as Google, Yahoo or MSN.

What happens next is that “bots” or “spiders” scan all available content on the internet, and produce a page of search engine results which correlate to the keyword entered into the engine. According to online internet dictionary Webopedia, the definition of SEO is “the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a Web site by ranking high in the search results of a search engine.” Therefore, in order to increase traffic to your site you need to optimize your content in order for web browsers to find your site.

The SEO process, considering the infinite nature of the internet, is quite remarkable. However, you will only benefit from Search engine optimization if your site is properly indexed, and the content is optimized to rank higher on search engine results pages. To clarify, if your site is optimised correctly, your chance of ending up in the top 10 results of a search are higher, and therefore the chance that people visit your site is increased. Sadly, making it into the top 20 isn’t enough when it comes to search engines, as people will barely look past the first page of results.

Therefore, in order to make your site visible, you need to make sure that you optimize your webpage content to include every possible keyword that relates to your website, so that “bots” or “spiders’ can find your site. For example, if your websites sells a particular product, you will want to include content on your site that includes several relevant keywords, without “keyword stuffing”. It is therefore important that your content is well written and researched for SEO purposes, as this can dramatically increase the visibility of your site.

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Voip Rate Tracker!

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Voip Rate TrackerVoip Rate Tracker
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<a href=”http://www.voipratetracker.com”>Voip Rate Tracker</a>

Welcome to the Voip Rate Tracker

The Voip Rate Tracker hopes to help the users, that use Voice Over
Internet Protocol services to call phones or send SMS, on the hard
task of finding the better provider for their needs.

This site focus on the prepaid voip providers which very often
change their rates without any notice to its customers. It is a common
practice for the providers to raise some and lower other

Here you will be able to:

  • Compare and find the best VOIP provider for your needs
  • Follow the changes on the rates of the providers
  • Find the best deals, discounts and free calls for the countries
    you call the most
  • Receive alerts when specific rates change.

Funtionality List:

– Available in English and Portuguese and in muliple currencies
Free Calls list shows you which provider alows you to make free calls to which coutry
– Latest rate increases and decreases of each provider
– The Provider Finder Wizard helps you find the best provider when you need to call multiple countries
– Best an worst deals of each provider
Current rates information with Rate variation charts

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Extreme Sports ! Sports News ! Health and Sport!

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Health And Sport!!Health And Sport!!

Extreme Sports


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<a href=”http://www.dghugo.com“> Sports | Health And Extreme Sports</a>

The Future Race Schedule Race Results Shop Blog Archive

Personal Spec’s
Full Name: Daniel Godfrey Hugo
Nick Name: Dan
Home: The Bosch, South Africa
DOB: 01-07-1985
Place of birth: Worcester
Secondary School – Paul Roos Gymnasium
Tertiary Education – Studying a Bcomm at Stellenbosch University
Racing since 1996

Height: 181.5cm
Weight: 75-80kg
Pulse Range: 33 – 202
Strengths: A love and ability to push the hard yards
Weakness: Health, saying no, and the sweet tooth

Enjoying a fine wine at Wijnhuis
Kicking back for a thought provoking film
Procrastination, of all kinds
Other sports – Water ski, little tennis, and even less walking
Favourite Music – South African: Freshly Ground and The Parlitones. But like more music rather than less. Try not to limit genres

Father Stefan, mother Pamela, three gorgeous sisters, Helen, Nici, and Clare

I believe in God the Father, and salvation through his son Jesus Christ. Fellowship at Shofar Christian Churchin Stellenbosch

Carpe Diem. Seize the moment, seize the day. Live to the full, without regrets, and as colourfully as possible

People and travel, new sights, sounds, tastes
Favourite food – Sushi, quality pizza, and anything Ria cooks

Read – The Alchemist, Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Film – Gladiator, Whale Rider, Shaw Shank Redemption
Town – Queenstown NZ, Natures Valley
Ride – Hakerville
Possession – Photo Albums
Number – 15

Odd bits
I support making love, not war
I’m not an animal person, at all
I believe its wrong to do dishes after eating
Pink is my favourite colour

Born outisde Worcester, onto an old family farm, Osdrift, on the Breede River. Both parents made for a sporting family. Father having been a semi-professional paddler back in South Africa’s isolation years. Did everything a good lad does in the Platteland, from cricket, rugby, tennis, and hockey. But it was the solo endurance sports that grasped the attention. Paddling with my old man was simply more exciting than standing, wishing, waiting for a ball to come my way. And we did all the river marathons together in a double Stiletto.

Swam plenty, ran track and cross country through junior school, together with all the other school sports. A close friend then got me onto a bike and soon I was excited about racing my first triathlon at age 10. It was magic. Not long after my energy was channeled entirely this way.

I won my first national race at age twelve, doing a mere 400 swim, 10k ride, and 2.5k run – barefoot run at that. Paddled again for the first time in years at fifteen, to do the Berg River marathon, the race my father’s legend was built on after dominating it seven times. I had dreamt to paddle it some day, and was finally over the legal age limit.

Schooling was in Worcester, till end grade nine. After which I relocated to Stellenbosch, and Paul Roos Gymnasium, with the sporting environment as motif. Solo hours in the farmlands was hurting, and with the likes of Conrad Stoltz, Tim Don, Simon Lessing, Elana Meyer, to name but a few icons based in The Bosch at the time, it was the best move. Further, brilliant facilities and even better support was available in Stellenbosch. The best physio and masseuse reside there.

Went to junior worlds in Cancun, Mexico, in 2002. And for the first time could see where the level was truly at. Raced in Queenstown a year later, but bad risk management taught me a harsh lesson. I was frustrated at sport, the risk-return equation of it, and cancelled training in Sydney, to do manual labour in a vineyard on the South Island instead. It was the most amazing two months, and I left at peace.

Was blessed with the most incredible opportunity at The Roos, as Head Boy, which was simply a license to have the most amazing year, and live for a greater cause than myself. Meant less training and racing, and the chance to make a difference in lives around me.

I got to be a part of Megan Hall’s Olympic buildup, and that set me up for a good year in 2004. Junior Worlds in Madeira was hashed though. Raced for the Nestle Pure Life outfit locally thereafter, and for the first time, could make a bit of dow as opposed to spending it becasue of the sport. The highlight for the year being a podium spot alongside Conrad Stoltz and Lieuwe Boonstra at Xterra SA. Two athletes I really respect.

Went through a questioning time, and was unsure what I really wanted. Stopped the pursuit, stepped back, and just cruised. But playing around made for some paddling again. It was something different, fresh and exciting. New faces, new racing and training environment. Different dynamics. The climax was meant to be the Dusi with Jacques Theron, but contracted jaundice from the valley, and the chase ended prematurely.

Studies at Stellenbosch University for three years, attempting a Bcomm Investment Management, has been a privilege, but an uphill one at that. Still have some modules to finish up, but unsure when. I got to within a month and a half o completing my degree, but life offered me an opportunity and I decided to grab it with both hands.

The cocktail of sports through youth have made Multisport racing an great opportunity. And would like to keep the possibilities open alongside my Xterra ideals over the next year. Locally so much is being birthed on the multisport front, and its timely being a part of it. The companies supporting me are local as well, and need to balance local ambition with international desire.


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Compare car insurance quotes from South African insurance companies and insurance brokers.  Many people pay too much for their car insurance.  Our goal is to provide you with cheap car insurance quotations through comparative car insurance quotes available in South Africa.  Most people need car insurance, but over the years car insurance became very expensive in South Africa.  Compare quotes from insurance companies and select the one that best suite your needs and budget.

When purchasing a home or vehicle, you should consider car insurance, home insurance and life insurance from companies such as OUTsurance, Dial Direct and 1LifeDirect.

Bond Insurance provides a homeowner with the ability to maintain monthly home loan payments in the event of disability and illness.  The death benefit ensures that the loan is settled.

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September 18, 2009

Nevermind Technology – ever thought about how Google picks up websites>??? its part of our big Technology world. Have a look at this website and find out more about this.


Contain your excitement….

Nobody knows exactly how Search Engines work, and the algorithms change
Don’t try and design your website to trick the Search Engine
There are severe penalties for trying to trick or game a Search Engine so keep
your sites clean and sensible if you wish to remain a long term optimized website
Note: it is actually possible to “over optimize” your site – especially if you
were to follow every single tip I give you all at once on every page!
I know because I did it on a test site to see what would happen. (And then I
saved that website again by changing it back.)
Most “new to SEO” people go a little bit excessive in the early excitement of
learning all the “tricks”.
Even experienced SEO experts have pages filtered or dropped from the index at
times because the algorithm changes and a previous technique instantly
becomes less valuable.
(Many people got caught out with Link Farms/exchanges, same word anchor
backlinks and keyword density ratios….)
I have had pages get “supplemental” and then brought them back. It is possible if
you know why they got filtered in the first place.
The point I want to make early is this: be careful. Keep an eye on your
website pages regularly and be sensitive to how they rank. When you
notice changes, just observe.
Don’t rush to change things unless you know what you did wrong. If things stay
less than perfect then slowly make the changes I suggest in the SEO section of
this guide to rescue your pages.
Typically this will mean:
· Adding content,
· Changing content,
· Changing key phrases,
· Meta tags or links.
All will be revealed soon. Just know that you are about to get the power to control
your website more than before. You will gain confidence as you see the results
come through.
There are penalties for “over optimization” so again, make sure you understand
how to use these tips for your market. The weaker penalties are “filtering” of your
pages and the harsher ones are complete removal from the index.
If you are trying very “Black Hat” techniques such as Cloaking and Link
Farms then you need to be prepared to throw away your domain name
every so often when you get caught.
I don’t bother with that stuff. Good old fashioned hard and smart work will provide
you with a valuable income producing website. I prefer to take a more natural
approach and build something for the longer term.
How much is too much optimization?
A good rule of thumb is to analyze your competition and stay close to the best
optimized site in that niche. If they are a 7/10 just be an 8/10 to beat them! Don’t
pull out a gun at a fist fight ok?
If you come out guns blazing with all the tricks at once this is a sure sign of
manipulation and it is unnatural. Search Engines like natural.
What do Search Engines want?
Repeat after me: “Search Engines like natural, original, unique, fresh, relevant,
well presented, easy to navigate, friendly, interesting theme related websites that
don’t use tricks and sneaky tactics or manipulative techniques.”
Slow and steady – and have a plan
You will hear marketers talking about “drip feeding” sites. This is the same as
watering your plants. You don’t flood them in the first week with the hose, you
are better to gradually drip feed them over a longer term. They will grow stronger
and healthier. You want to project manage your website with an ongoing
The best thing you can do is plan your site improvement rollout and do it
progressively. Imagine trying to eat one months worth of meals in one sitting,
your stomach would notice right? You will get better results feeding your website
SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
The purpose of SEO is to increase your free targeted traffic. When you have
your site indexed that is only the start.
Now you know the Search Engine knows about it, and then you want your
website to appear easily for your target audience in the search results.
The best way to think about this is NOT “how do I manipulate the Search Engine
to show my site above others”.
Rather, you need to consider:
How do I make my website the most relevant and appealing website to my
target audience?
How do I make it easy for them to find my website?
Once they are there how do I get them to take the required action?
In other words, make your website valuable
The reason for this philosophy relates to what the Search Engine is trying to do.
Google wants to make the websites it indexes the most relevant content possible.
So it would be unreasonable for a scant reprint article, keyword stuffed, machine
generated or poorly constructed flea market site to rank well wouldn’t it?
Google in particular is getting very fussy. If there is so much content on the web
(over 100,000,000 websites at last estimate) then they have the choice to
eliminate all but the most useful pages.
I will focus heavily on content in a later section because it is the main reason why
your website will fall or fly. You will see why basic article scraping is becoming a
bad idea.
What will rank well is a website that is unique in content, clearly laid out, site
mapped, easy to navigate and considered of value to others. (One measurement
of which is calculated by how many people link to it).

Information Extract from XSP Cheat Sheet ®

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visual search – why type when you can see it?

Now tell me this is not amazing Technology !!!! WOW !!!!! Latest Technology Just For YOU!

How many times have you seen a movie trailer and forgotten the name of it the next day? You go online to search for it but you can’t seem to find the movie with “what’s-his-name” in it anywhere but you can picture the actor in your head. A study conducted by Microsoft Research shows that consumers can process results with images 20% faster than text only results.  So it’s clear that images play a big part in helping consumer’s with a variety of search activities.

We have taken this to heart with Bing’s new Visual Search feature announced today as a beta at TechCrunch50Visual Search is a new way to formulate and refine your search queries through imagery, particularly for sets of results that tend to be more structured. We call these data groupings galleries.  Simply go to www.bing.com/visualsearch and install Silverlight if you don’t have it already. What you’ll see is an amazing new visual search experience. Visual Search allows you to quickly scroll through the galleries or do a one-click refinement using the quick tabs on the left, which are specifically relevant to the type of results you are browsing through.

Now to find that movie you were looking for, click on “Movies” and scroll through the imagery to find “what’s-his-name.” Now that you found it, hover your mouse over the movie to view details including title, rating, reviews, and how much it grossed at the box office, all right under the search box. Think about how much time you saved using Visual Search.

Below are a few more examples of visual search galleries and how to use them:

Product Search

When researching products online, research shows people want to gather as much information on the product before they make a purchase, images play a large role in this decision making process. For example, for holiday shoppers Visual Search can help you look for products from laptops to handbags. It’s like searching through a large online catalogue.


Love Books? With Visual Search, you can search visually to find the best books faster. Again you narrow your results with 1-click filters such as author, format, or category to make it even easier to judge a book by its cover.


Looking for a new car? Sometime search feels like the classifieds, with all the long lists of results that make researching cars feel like a chore. Visually searching for cars on the other hand is like going to a massive virtual car showroom, you can search to your heart’s desire by simply clicking through the aisles. It saves a lot of time versus having to keep typing in all those search queries.

These are just a few of the highlights of our beta Visual Search feature that are currently available to help you search faster with a more organized search experience. We’ll be expanding the Visual Search experience over the coming months, so make sure to check back often and explore the Visual Search beta yourself at: www.bing.com/visualsearchand let us know what you think.

-Todd Schwartz, Bing

*As mentioned above, Visual Search is still in beta. Visual Search is currently only available in the US and as we refine this feature we will continue to look for new markets to release it in. Thanks for all the feedback on Visual Search! – Make sure You Get Top Of Search Engines ! Visit http://www.Trafficfundi.com RIGHT NOW !!!!

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Search Engine Optimisation !

Microsoft Surface Demo

This is so cool!!! I so Badly want one!!!


Optimus Tactus Touch Keyboard

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While we love touch surface, as people who type hundreds of thousands a word each week we know that there is a limit to them: keyboards. Like this Optimus Tactus, an extruded shape/touch surface/keyboard concept by Art.Lebedev. We really like the soon-to-be-released Optimus keyboard Art but, seriously, how often do you type on your computer?

I can imagine that artists, musicians and video editors would like something like this… however, there are solid LCD tablet displays and Tablet PCs on the market already. Experience shows that, for the time being, it’s a limited market. Further limiting it to a keyboard replacement could be economically impractical at best, never mind how practical this could be. The issue of the price is the other key here: by the time a touch surface keyboard could be a commercial reality coming from China via Moscow, touch computing from Apple and Microsoft would be so ubiquitous that it won’t make sense anymore.

Optimus Tactus does not have physical keys, which means there are no restrictions on their shape and size.

Any part of the keyboard surface can be programmed to perform anyfunction or to display any images.

Typing mode

Video mode



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