Here at Trafficfundi, we’re in the business of search engine optimisatione-marketing and internet marketing.

We’ve been voted best in the SEO industry again and again.

We’re inspired by our commitment to offer big name brands trustworthy solutions for positioning their brands online, overcoming software hurdles to good listings, making database driven sites searchable and increasing their ROI performance. We like success – success by design.

We’ve over a decade of search engine experience. Search is what we do, it’s not a bolt-on and never has been. We were search engine optimisation gurus back when everyone thought AOL ‘was the Internet’ and email was the preserve of just database geeks and software boffins.

Great listings need great SEO, and we know promotion is more than the sum of its parts. A synergy of comprehensive search engine submission, creative copy optimization and systematic market and site analysis is the engine behind all great brand placement.

We know what turns a searcher into a finder, and a finder into acustomer.

We make it our business to form excellent client communications and relationships. To us it’s just second nature. But we think it makes us a unique kind of search engine optimisation and e-marketing agency.

We’re very linguistic too, running SEO and PPC campaigns in multiple languages and timezones.

Our promotion and positioning teams are at the top of their field. Our brand placement experts and Internet marketing professionals work on high profile campaigns for big name business in the most competitive of market places. And they drink a lot of coffee.

Our understanding of the search business and our ethical, brand aware approach to optimisation and marketing has made us a privileged partner of popular search engines, directories and databases including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

We present at marketing business seminars including the Search Engine Watch Search Engine Strategies Conference, Adtech, theOnline Marketing Show, IAB and E-consultancy and other events, speaking on a range search marketing and brand related topics including ‘brand placement and protection’ and ‘search engine optimisation case studies‘.

Our client listings includes names from all parts of business, from media to communications, to recruitment and airlines; names like British Airways, MTV, Barclays, Hilton Hotels International, Tesco,DK, Penguin,, Early Learning Center, Debenhams, H. Samuel, Shell Chemicals, Castrol, Aer Lingus, Rentokil, Starbucks and many more.

Because of our excellent client retention and the strength of the personal recommendations we receive, our sales team is in the lovely position of never having to go looking for leads.

Our offices, in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, New York andaround the world are fun, inspirational environments. Our team is the best of the best so we make sure their creative environment is one that they thoroughly enjoy.

Our results speak for themselves, and our clients back us up too.

Make money from home

Turnkey Internet business

SA BLOGS !!!!!

Expand SA – Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization – Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a science which ensures that your website ranks  for relevant keywords that your audience types into search engines. Search Engine Optimization involves working with your website structure, code, content and referring websites to maximize your ranking opportunities (back linking).
Google dominates the current SEO market with a local Search Engine Optimization market share of around 80%. Google’s ranking algorithm is a formula that is kept secret; it is the Coca-Cola formula of the search engine world. While the secret formula to Search Rankings is unknown, we do know the variables within the formula that impact your rankings within the search engine.
Although ranking within search engines is “free”, your website will take a few months to rank highly within the search engine results. SEO is an art… We’re the artists that make it happen.

NetsurIT – Outsourced IT Management

Netsurit (Pty) Ltd is South Africa’s largest managed outsourced IT provider specializing in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The company’s head office is based in Sandton, Johannesburg with a branch in Cape Town.

Netsurit endorses the outsourcing principle as the most logical option for SMEs looking to optimise their IT investment. Making a decision to outsource the day-to-day, on-line monitoring and management of the network can dramatically reduce SME staff costs, and this reduction in cost translates to an ongoing management benefit.

Recurring SME IT concerns include how to measure the return on IT Investment; analysing and understanding control of costs; understanding what benefit technology can add to their business and attracting and maintaining skilled consultants necessary to run a network.

Historically, the technology needs of SMEs have been sorely neglected – often as a result of a poor understanding of what small businesses require from their technology network. We have a single-minded obsession to understand the unique needs of our clients and to develop programmes that help them to meet their own strategic objectives. Technology has a special ability to unlock true value for SMEs who know how to use it. This is why we are in business.

Itec Group – Copiers | Printers | Telecoms

Itec is the leading office automation, production printing, telecommunications and financial solutions provider, importing and distributing industry leading and award-winning brands.

Itec incorporates industry-leading expertise and innovative technology to aid companies meet today’s complex business demands and prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges.

Originally founded in 1987, the Itec brand was born in 2004 from the vision of South African entrepreneurs to provide total office solutions to its existing client base. The copier, printer and fax business units were merged in 2004 when the company changed its name to Itec and it has grown organically ever since its inception.

You simply can’t lead if you follow. You can’t innovate if you imitate.
This insight has driven Itec’s philosophy of providing integrated solutions for large and medium-size companies. Our solutions streamline business processes, enhance productivity and drive innovation.

How does Itec drive “innovation at work”?
By asking questions – lots of them. We believe that the right questions aimed at the right people result in smart solutions.

Itec’s consultative approach results in a strategic partnership with your business, dedicated to the identification of productivity, cost and technological inefficiencies. This allows us to propose and implement innovative and integrated solutions that deliver on your business’ expectations and requirements. This process is one of the critical differentiators between Itec and our competitors.

Our holistic, solution-driven methodology has made us the fastest growing and the third largest solutions provider in Southern Africa with annual revenue of nearly one billion rand.

Itec’s international footprint stretches from Southern Africa to the United Kingdom, with 47 regional offices in South Africa alone.

Wherever you find innovation at work, you’ll find Itec.


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